With your donations, you can touch the lives of people in need and contribute to the renewal of their hopes.

Being the Happiness of the Harsh Winter

Coal Donation

With temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius at night and -10 degrees Celsius during the day, grain production suffers and can only meet a fraction of demand.

Sacrifice to a Hope

Sacrifice Donation

We deliver your nafil, votive, aqiqa, healing and gratitude sacrifices to those in need on your behalf and make needy faces smile.

Being the Life of a Hope

Water Well Donation

In lands where hundreds of children lose their lives every day due to contaminated water, we struggle to be "Water of Life"

Earthquake and Disaster

Turkey Emergency Aid

Tens of thousands of people need help. In order to heal their wounds we have launched emergency relief efforts.

Being the Future to a Hope

Hafiz Sponsorship

All over the world, we are planting the seeds of education. So that it can grow, sprout and cool people in its shade.

Waiting for Your Support
Current Projects

With your donations, we help people in need and make them look to the future with hope.
It is time to make needy faces smile.

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