Our Humanitarian Aid Truck Reached Africa Mali | 2022

Hulp Medet Intercontinental was founded in 2007 by volunteers who embrace sharing. Since the day it was founded, our association, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has adopted the issues of brotherhood and solidarity, which are important for humanity, as its motto. And in this direction, it continues its activities as an association working for the benefit of society.

We reach people in need all over the world who have difficulty in accessing food, clean water and health supplies, and we extend our helping hand to them.

   With the support of our volunteers, we have carried out Qurban and humanitarian aid projects and drilled water wells in many countries in Africa and Asia. Sacrifice means closeness. The sacrifice weaves unity between hearts and creates harmony between souls. A well is a source of life, it means access to clean water. Each well, which touches the heart with its coolness and refreshes the heart, turns into a thousand smiles. As people's faces smile, the happiness and peace of the benefactors increase.

    As Hulp Medet, we also help in natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Because we are an association working for the benefit of society.

We are also aware that victimization cannot be tackled without tackling lack of education. For this, we build schools that aim to achieve lasting solutions. Everywhere we operate in the world, we plant seeds of education. So that they can grow, flourish and cool other people in their shade.

    In addition to these, we are working with all our strength to produce new projects in the hope of living in a peaceful world. With the support of our volunteers and donors, who are increasing in number every day, we meet the material and spiritual needs of people. Being a balm for their wounds heals us too.

On the Road

Humanitarian Aid Truck

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