Selimiye Complex in Den Haag

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How can I leave a lasting legacy?


There are millions of people in the world who struggle with hunger, thirst, lack of education and many other impossibilities. These people, who are scattered in different geographies, have many spiritual needs as well as material needs. Those in need, who try to survive below the hunger limit, show more effort to meet in prayers, prayers and masjids than they do to reach clean water. As Hulp Medet, we strive to be instrumental in enabling our Muslim brothers and sisters to fulfill their prayers in peace and to take part in their prayers for once.

Our Prophet (s.a.w.) said: "Whoever builds a mosque (for the sake of Allah), Allah will build for him a mansion like it (in Paradise)."

Why should I leave a lasting legacy?

Our Prophet (s.a.w.) said: "Whoever builds a masjid (for the sake of Allah), Allah will build for him (in Paradise) a mansion like it." We want our masjid to be one of the masjids mentioned in the hadith. With the support of our volunteers and donors, we hope to complete our masjid and turn these geographies into gardens of paradise on earth.

Each brick you donate today will turn into thousands of prayers from sinless mouths tomorrow. For centuries, it will be a spiritual refuge for people with beautiful hearts. Then you will have left a beautiful work to the world...

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