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How Can I Donate Saplings?

Let me have a sapling too!

A sapling is renewal, regeneration, that is, embracing life... Every seed that is thrown into the soil to sprout is cared for with patience and care at every stage until it turns into a sapling, a tree. You know because there is something about life, humanity and the future in it. Saplings, trees, the green ornament of the soil...
Seeds turn into trees, trees turn into forests, in the ceaseless progression of time. You see, a small sapling you planted has become a part of a big forest tomorrow. And forests become a breath of health for people. Trees are the cause of many more things we don't know; habitat provision, water production, biodiversity, soil protection, carbon storage...

Why do we plant saplings?

2024 Ankara Forest Farm Sapling Planting
The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said: "Even if the Day of Judgment comes, if you have a sapling at that time and there is no obstacle to plant it, plant it immediately. "* The blessed words of the Master of Mankind explain in the most beautiful way how important it is to plant a sapling. In addition, there are hadiths that explain that for the person who plants a tree that benefits people, that tree will be like a charity. As a result of these, one cannot help but think, why shouldn't I have a sapling too?
Every sapling to be planted is a harbinger of a beautiful tomorrow. Both material and spiritual reasons are solid proof of this. The reasons not to wait but rather not to wait are obvious. So now is the time to take action, to renew, to regenerate. Let's have a sapling, a tree or even a forest. Let's green the earth, all together...

"Even if the Hour comes, if you have a sapling and there is no obstacle to plant it, then plant it immediately." 

  • Bukhari, al-Adeb al-Mufred p. 168

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