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Palestine Aid Campaign Completed

We are happy to have successfully completed our aid campaign in Palestinian refugee camps. We are deeply touched by the generosity and spirit of solidarity shown by our esteemed donors on the occasion of this campaign.

For our oppressed Palestinian brothers and sisters living in the camps, we distributed food parcels and zakat, and served hot meals. Thanks to your aid, we became a light of hope for hundreds of families, and brought blessings and happiness to their tables.

We sincerely thank each and every one of you who contributed to this good work. May Allah be pleased with you. We are grateful for supporting our Palestinian brothers and sisters with your donations and prayers.

As Hulp Medet, we will continue to stand by the oppressed and those in need. We believe that you will not withhold your support for our aid activities in different geographies of the world.

Once again, may Allah be pleased with you.

Hulp Medet

Palestinian Camps in Lebanon

Palestine Aid Campaign

Sad voices from Palestine echo in the heart of Lebanon. In the narrow streets, the eyes of people who carry the burden of the past, but never lose hope for the future, are filled with the search for hope. 

The blessings of Ramadan and the spirit of sharing bring people together in this difficult life struggle. Perhaps iftar tables represent more than just a meal, but a moment of love, solidarity and hope.

Making a donation to a Palestinian family also means writing an epic woven with love, with every morsel shared. Smiles between tears are the moments that unite hearts and transcend language.

Perhaps one day, the people gathered at this table will leave behind the pain of the past and share the peace of the future they are writing together. Your donations can be a helping hand that touches not only their stomachs but also their hearts.

As Hulp Medet

We stand by our Palestinian brothers and sisters:

We are launching a campaign called Palestine Refugee Camp Food Distribution, which aims to deliver food packages, zakat donations and collective meals to families living in Palestinian refugee camps on the Lebanese border. Each donation will cover a family's basic food needs for a few weeks.

Hulp Medet Foundation will distribute

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