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How can I give alms?

The Importance of Almsgiving

   Charity is another name for helping, sharing and supporting each other. Charity, which has an important place in Islam, has pioneered admirable cooperation in society throughout history. Undoubtedly, one of these is the alms stones seen in the Ottoman period.

   Through the alms stones, the rich would give their alms without hurting the needy and the poor would receive what they needed without coveting too much. Neither the giver nor the receiver knew each other. As such, the alms would reach the needy without the left hand seeing what the right hand gave.

"A little charity repels much trouble and prolongs life"

-Hz.Muhammad (SAW)

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Today, as an association working for the benefit of society, we are building bridges between philanthropists and those in need, like alms stones.

The Prophet (SAW) said.A piece of bread given in charity grows as big as Mount Uhud in the sight of Allah" (Tabarani) He says. In another Hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) said, "A little charity repels much trouble and prolongs life." [Heysemi, Majma al-Zawahid, III/63] they say.
Hadiths talk about the virtues of charity. And there are many more hadiths that talk about the beauties of giving alms. One of the things that draws attention in the blessed words of our Prophet is that even a little bit of charity leads to great rewards.
   Charity is sharing and smiling together. A small amount of charity sometimes turns into a smile on a child's face, sometimes into a bread that a father takes home, sometimes into a glass of water that quenches a mother's thirst.
The charities given by you, our volunteers and donors, have a share in every activity carried out by our association, like salt in the soup on the stove. In other words, you also have a salt and contribution in every project we realize for the benefit of society. We feel the happiness of being instrumental in this with the spiritual warmth of the soup boiling on the stove in our hearts.
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