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Why Do We Need You?

Since the day it was founded, our association based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has adopted the issues of brotherhood and solidarity, which are important for humanity, as its motto. And in this direction, it continues its activities as an association working for the benefit of society.
We carry out our activities to help people in need with the support of our volunteers. Every step we take to build a better world together with our volunteers makes us look to the future with hope.

How can I help you?

As a volunteer, you can turn your knowledge, skills, abilities and labor into thousands of smiles. We look forward to carrying out many more projects with you and filling needy hearts with joy in deprived lands.

Are you with us?

We have made it our goal to fulfill the material and spiritual needs of the victimized people who are struggling for life all over the world and to make their hearts prosperous...
Are you with us on this journey with our volunteers?
Are you with us?

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Nafilil Qurban Donation
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