Sultan of 11 Months


   The month of Ramadan comes every year with its abundance and blessings. Families, relatives and friends meet at iftar tables. Then tea conversations about old Ramadans take place. As they talk about old Ramadans, the value of some concepts is better understood. Such as brotherhood, sharing, helping each other... This must be why they call Ramadan the sultan of eleven months.

   It is during Ramadan that we best understand the plight of millions of people struggling with hunger in Africa and Asia. As Hulp Medet, we are not content with understanding their situation, we also put our hands under the stone in order to cheer their tables. We do not leave them alone during Ramadan.

   With the awareness of being an association working for the benefit of society, we are happy to deliver the aids made by our volunteers and donors to those in need. With every aid we deliver, we feel the warmth of Ramadan in our hearts again. We witness together that unity, solidarity and solidarity are embodied in Ramadan. Thank you for being the happiness and smile of the victimized geographies with your support in the month of Ramadan-Sharif, when our heart ties are strengthened.
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Our Activities During Ramadan

Iftar Donation

In Ramadan, the most beautiful month of sharing, donated iftar tables bring a smile to the faces of those in need.


Zakat - Fitrah - Ransom

We deliver your zakat, fitrah and ransom to people and students in need on your behalf.



We are blessing the tables of the poor with the help of the relief packages distributed during Ramadan, the month of charity.


Eid Allowance

We make little hearts happy with your gifts to our little brothers and sisters.


Hafiz Sponsorship

Our students who continue their hafiz in Indonesia are being trained with your support.


Orphan Sponsorship

We put a smile on the faces of orphans all over the world with your support.

Nafilil Qurban Donation
Nafilil Qurban Donation
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